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24 March Lorch Turtle Test WSV Lorch e.V.    from 11:00 a.m.
Volker Lewalter,
tel.: +49 6726/9792,
mobile: +49 157/85088040, 50€
11 April Berlin Turtle Test MYC Preußen e.V.    from 5:00 p.m.
Jörg Hartmann,
email: sportleiter-preussen@gmx.de
, Info
21 April Lake Halbendorf / Weißwasser / Lausitz 4th ADAC Spring Training ADAC Sachsen e.V.  alle Klassen / all classes  Advance Progr., Entry Form, Link, Map 
5/6 May Brodenbach 47th Int. ADAC/DMYV/MSG Powerboat Race Brodenbach / Moselle ADAC Mittelrhein e.V.  F4, F5, F2, FR1000, GT15  Results, Advance Progr., Entry Form, Schedule..., Map, Link 1, Link 2 
19/20 May Dessau Int. Powerboat Race Dessau
MBC "Elbe Dessau" e.V.  IDM FR1000, IDM O250/350, IDM O500/700, Classic Cup  Race is cancelled! therefor it will be training on Satureday,
Photos, Advance Progr., Schedule, Entry Form, Poster, Map 
9/10 June Traben-Trarbach 37th Int. Powerboat Race Traben-Trarbach Sportevents Traben-Trarbach  WC GT15,
EC round FR1000,

F4, F5 
Cancelled! Results, Advance Progr., Course, Entry Form, Map 
30 June
- 1 July
Sternberg 2nd National Powerboat Race Sternberg LV Motorbootsport Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.  GT6, GT15  Results  
21/22 July Bremen 1st Powerboat Race Bremen Waterfront ADAC Weser-Ems  F4, F5, P750  Results, Advance Progr., Entry Form 
18/19 August Berlin-Grünau 25th Int. Powerboat Race Berlin - Grünau ADAC Berlin - Brandenburg e.V.  F4, F5, FR1000, Classic  Results, Photos, Advance Progr., Schedule, Entry Form, Map 
8/9 September Rendsburg Obereider 5th Int. Powerboat Race Rendsburg Obereider ADAC Schleswig-Holstein e.V./JMG Schleswig-Holstein e.V.  F4, F5, GT15, GT6, Jetboat  Results, Advance Progr., Scgedule, Course, Entry Form, Map 
15/16 September Kriebstein 12th Int. Powerboat Race Kriebstein Dam ZV Kriebsteintalsperre / ADAC Sachsen e.V.  WC round F250,
EC round FR1000,

Results, Photos, Advance Progr., Entry Form, Course, Schedule, Map 
21/22 September Bad Saarow Grand Prix of Bad Saarow (F2) MRC Berlin  F2, IDM O350, OSY400  Results, Photos, O350: Janos Feil Memorial Cup,
Advance Progr., Course, Schedule, Entry Form, Map 
22/23 September Düren 6th Int. ADAC Powerboat Race Düren ADAC Nordrhein e.V.  F4, F5, GT15, Jet-Ski  Results, Advance Progr., Schedule, Course, Map 
6 October Dessau free training MBC Elbe Dessau e.V.  alle Klassen  from 9:00 a.m., Notice: with registration number only!
subject to change - updated: December 2018, Source: DMYV and U.I.M.

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