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Anton Rosenleitner Racing AustriaAnton Rosenleitner Racing Austria 
PowerboatRacing - experience the fascination of Powerboat racing in the classes F500, O700 and F1000 at the European and World Championships
(added: 08.01.2008)

Black Point RacingBlack Point Racing 
Black Point Racing ist ein Powerboat-Team, welches an Motorboot Rennen der F1000 Klasse teilnimmt. (Ronny Steudel)
(added: 16.02.2009)

Brettschneider RacingBrettschneider Racing 
Brettschneider Racing - German Powerboat Team (Uwe Brettschneider)
(added: before 2005)

Cremona & Bacchiega PowerboatRacingCremona & Bacchiega PowerboatRacing  
Homepage of the Cremona & Bacchiega - Racing-Team: Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona & Diego and Davide Bacchiega
(added: 02.05.2008)

Ellmers-Motorsport - Team #23 der Rennbootklasse OSY-400
(added: before 2005)

Fabian Kalsow - Formel 1 U.I.M Powerboat-FahrerFabian Kalsow - Formel 1 U.I.M Powerboat-Fahrer 
Informations about Fabian Kalsow, the new German star in the U.I.M. Formula 1 Powerboat scene
(added: 18.06.2006)

Water motor sport!
(added: 01.11.2009)

all news about the Hepner Team:
(added: 25.03.2016)

JWRacingInshore F4-s #163JWRacingInshore F4-s #163 
Welcome on board the official site of Team JWRacingInshore; Jens Westphal
(added: 14.11.2013)

Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat ClubLowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club 
The Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club welcomes you to this web site of powerboat racing held at Oulton Broad, the oldest racing circuit in Gt. Britain and the only venue in the world to hold weekly race meetings.
Here you can find the latest results for this seasons racing, a calendar of planned fixtures, competitor information and a history of the club.
(added: 03.07.2007)

MC Grünau e.V.MC Grünau e.V. 
Motorwassersport im MC Grünau in Berlin-Schmöckwitz an Dahme, Seddinsee und Zeuthener See.
(added: 22.02.2009)

MEBATO-Racing-Team - Formel R-1000MEBATO-Racing-Team - Formel R-1000 
Homepage des Rostocker MEBATO-Racing-Teams von Bernd Mehnert, Formel R1000
(added: 27.04.2007)

MRC - Motor-Rennboot-Club Berlin e.V.MRC - Motor-Rennboot-Club Berlin e.V.  
Homepage of Motor-Rennboot-Club (MRC) Berlin e.V. and its yacht port
(added: 27.02.2004)

Motor-Yacht-Club Preußen e.V. im ADACMotor-Yacht-Club Preußen e.V. im ADAC 
Official Website of the MYC Preußen e.V. im ADAC
(added: 20.02.2005)

Offizielle Seite des NoName-Racing Teams und seines Fahrers Stefan Probst. Powerboatracing in den Klassen OSY400 und F250.
Fotos, Videospecials und mehr...
(added: 28.10.2008)

Patrick Wiese - PowerboatracingPatrick Wiese - Powerboatracing 
Patrick Wiese ist "Rookie of the Year 2008" - bester Nachwuchsfahrer der Formel ADAC
(added: 14.01.2013)

Alles über das Racing Team Heiko Schmidt (O-250 / F-250)
(added: 16.08.2009)

Thesharkbite Yvonne KoenigThesharkbite Yvonne Koenig  
SharkracingTeam Rennbootsport aus Dresden - Herzlich Willkommen beim SharkracingTeam um Yvonne Koenig (#245 - Formel 500)!
(added: 10.11.2008)