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Brandenburg (GER) 22-24 Sept. 2006 (WC round F-500)
Advance Program (PDF, 145kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 19kB)
Schedule (PDF, 28kB)

Jedovnice (CZE) 09/10 Sept. 2006 (WC O-700, EC round F-R1000)
Advance Program (PDF, 297kB)
Race Course (PDF, 414kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 94kB)
Schedule (PDF, 108kB)

Lauffen/N. (GER) 16/17 Sept. 2006 (EC round F-1000)
Regulations (PDF, 473kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 87kB)
Schedule (PDF, 132kB)

Bitterfeld (GER) 11-13 Aug. 2006 (WC F-500, EC F-250, EC F-125)
Advance Program, Shedule, Entry Form (*.pdf, 315kB)

Aluksne (LAT) 14-16 July 2006 (WC O350)
Advance Program (PDF, 211kB)

Dessau (GER) 08/09 July 2006 (EC F-R1000)
Regulations (*.doc, 83kB)
Entry Form (*.doc, 23kB)
Motorboot-Weekend-Spezial: Race Weekend with staying the night in the Steigenberger Hotel "Fürst Leopold" (*.pdf, 130kB)

Znin (POL) 01/02 July 2006 (WC T550)
Advance Program (PDF, 120kB)
Schedule (PDF, 94kB)

Szeged (HUN) 01/02 July 2006 (EC F1000, EC F250)
Advance Program (PDF, 194kB)

Kuhmo (FIN) 30 June / 01 July 2006 (EC T400, EC JT250)
Advance Program (PDF, 101kB)

Lorch (GER) 24/25 June 2006 (EC F-R1000)
Regulations (PDF, 83kB)

Boretto (ITA) 17/18 June 2006 (WC F500, EC F250)
Advance Program (PDF, 453kB)

Brodenbach (GER) 10/11 June 2006 (EC OSY-400)
Regulations (PDF, 471kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 66kB)
Schedule (PDF, 84kB)
Race course (PDF, 244kB)

UIM 2006
Circuit rules 2006 (*.pdf, 1.7MB)
Circuit rules 2006 (*.zip, 1.5MB)

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