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06/03/20: Dates for races in Italy are open again:
Brindisi (ITA, WC round F4),
Viverone (ITA, WC F350, EC F4),
Boretto (ITA, WC rounds F500, F250 and F125),
San Nazzaro (ITA, EC F500)
06/02/20: New dates for
Brindisi (ITA, WC round F4),
Vila Velha de Ródão (POR, WC round F2),
Viverone (ITA, WC F350, EC F4),
Boretto (ITA, WC rounds F500, F250 and F125),
Kaunas (LTU, WC round F2),
San Nazzaro (ITA, EC F500)
06/02/20: The F2 WC round Ribadouro - BAIAO (POR) was cancelled!
05/27/20: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
05/26/20: The race in Dubna (RUS, WC round F2) was cancelled!
05/26/20: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
05/22/20: The race in Kupiškis (LTU, EC OSY400 and EC GT30) was postponed!
05/19/20: The race Oulton Broad (GBR), WC OSY400 and GT15 was cancelled now!
05/15/20: The race in Ternopil (UKR, WC rounds F500, F250 anf F125) was cancelled in the UIM calendar!
05/11/20: The F4 WC round in Rendsburg (GER) was postponed!

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